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About True Care
Headquartered in Mumbai, India, TrueCareDoc has been assisting its partners from the healthcare Industry in providing not only trained and government certified manpower to carry out their day to day operations but is also their preferred choice of partner for digitizing their practice management and in growing their revenue.
TrueCareDoc is also one of the most comprehensive platform which not only simplifies but also reduces the financial burden of the end user of the healthcare services.
TrueCareDoc also strives to bring to the doorstep of the end user world class healthcare services at rates which are normally lower than the prevailing industry, thus making an inconvenient process not so inconvenient.
TrueCareDoc has been the brain child of some of the leading stalwarts from the health and IT industry who have been pioneers in introducing revolutionary ideas in their respective industries. The organization comes with a perfect blend of experienced strategies with young and enthusiastic executers.